Similarities and Differences between Boy Scouting and Venturing




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Unit Type

Boy Scout Troops

Venture Patrols within Troops

Varsity Scout Teams

Sea Scout Ships

Venturing Crews


Boy Scout tan uniform shirt with red shoulder loops

Boy Scout tan shirt with Venture strip above pocket, red loops

Boy Scout tan uniform shirt with orange shoulder loops & Varsity strip

Sea Scout uniform

Crew decides uniform, recommended uniform forest green shirt and green shoulder loops

Members are Called

Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts

Varsity Scouts

Sea Scouts



Boys 11-17*

Boys 13-17

Boys 14-17

Boys &Girls 15-20**

Boys and Girls 15-20**

Adult Leader






Youth Leader

Senior Patrol Leader

Venture Patrol Leader




Activity Area

Boy Scout Program

Boy Scout program with emphasis on high adventure & sports activities

Sailing, Boating, Seamanship

Crew determines


JLT &JLTC (Youth Leader Training)


VLSC, Kodiak,
Kodiak X


Tenderfoot thru Eagle Ranks, Merit Badges & Palms

Ranks: Apprentice, Ordinary,Able, Quartermaster

No Ranks***

Bronze, Gold, Silver, Ranger, Quest, and Trust.Merit Badges, Star, Life, Eagle & Palms***


All Boy Scout Recognitions

All Boy Scout Recognitions plus Venture Letter & activity pins

All Boy Scout Recognitions plus Varsity Letter & activity pins, Denali Award

Sea Scout Recognitions incl. Small Boat Handler, Qualified Seaman 


Venturing Leadership Award. Any significant achievement in the life of a Venturer (e.g. school, sports, community, church)

Religious, Lifesaving, Meritorious Action, Hornaday, Council Achievement, BSA Lifeguard, Snorkeling, Mile-Swim, Fifty-Miler, Historic Trails, World Conservation, Interpreter, Firemín Chit, Totiní Chip, Paul Bunyan Woodsman, Den Chief Service Award

Order of the Arrow

Members eligible for election

Not eligible for election, can participate in program if already elected in a troop or team.

National Jamboree

Can participate

Age 16 and over may function as youth staff

* or have graduated the 5th grade or have Arrow of Light.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† **or 14 and have graduated the 8th grade
*** P
er BSA's National Bylaws, Sea Scouts are the only program within Venturing to have ranks per se.†† Only boys under 18 who have earned First Class rank in a Troop or Team may earn Eagle in a Crew.The term "Venture Crew" is no longer valid. That group is now called a "Venture Patrol."The term "Venture Scout" is not valid for any program of the BSA.Members of a Venture Patrol are "Boy Scouts".Members of a Venturing Crew are "Venturers".The term "Varsity Team" as used by in-troop programs is no longer valid.†† That function has now been taken over by the Venture Patrol.No one can wear green shoulder loops on a khaki Boy Scout shirt.Venture Patrol Scouts wear red shoulder loops and Venturers do not wear a Boy Scout shirt. This chart was created by Bill Nelson based upon one supplied by Michael R. Brown.Last updated: 5/19/04


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