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Winter Day Camp
Heard Scout pueblo

Each Year Council holds a three day day camp in Winter. Those still around during the week between Christmas and New Year's can take advantage of Arizona's cooler climate and enjoy three days of fun and advancement.
WDC 2014 - Lights Camera Action

Pueblo Actors Studios Training Academy

Roy Hollis
602 989-4605
December 29-31, 2014
8 am to 4 pm
Registration Begins Sept 1
Jack Waiting
602 296-4676

Acting Learn to hit your marks and deliver your lines with emotion, force, and timing.
Stunts Even top stars have to know how to do basic stunts.
Sound Effects Music and sound effects are really what bring excitement to movies.
Shooting Sports Be prepared for that starring role in a Western, War, or Detective movie.
Props Make props to use on set.
Cinematography Photogpgraphy, Videography, Special Effects.
Special Appearances John Wayne has tentatively said he will stop by and bring a top Yodeling champion to give us a taste of the old western movies.  Who knows who else may stop by for a visit.

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