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There will always be a frontier where there is an open mind and a willing hand
Phoenix, Arizona

This website is dedicated to Arizona scouters with an emphasis on Arizona scouting. You will find lots of web pages full of helpful resources for all Scout Leaders. For Arizonans I hope you will find ideas for outings, activities, and helps to make you experience and those of your scouts the best it can be. Most will come from my own archives, things I have created. I will add things I have "borrowed" over time, but I don't intend to become a collection of scouting stuff. I have been an adult scouter since 1987 being active in Packs, Troops and District and Council Positions. I hope you find things here that are new and helpful.

Please share anything you think may have value to the scouters of Arizona by emailing me, Roy Hollis, at

Site Last Updated 08/10/2014

I am slowly upgrading the website.  Nothing spectaculer, but the technology was no longer supported so changes were getting difficult.  You will primarily notice a change in the look and that only some pages are upgraded.  Eventually there will be a little clean-up, consistent look and hopefully a better organization to the site.  If something appears to be missing, let me know.  It's probably out there; just a broken link.

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